centro comunitario de caimito

Caimito Community Center

There are 2 options for lodging managed by the local non-profit Caimito Sustentable:

Caimito Community Center: this house belongs to the community. It was built by all of us and used to be the school some years ago. In the year 2013, thanks to a project funded by UNPD and the Environmental Ministry, we put so much effort and now we can host tourists, volunteers and other visitors. It is a nice place to relax. The price is $8/person. There are 4 comfortable private rooms, composting toilets, kitchen and hot shower.





Bamboo structure to camp at the beach, built by the community!!

Camping at the beach: if you bring your own equipment you can camp at this amazing, quiet and virgin beach!! There is a place to make fire and cook, a thatch roof and composting toilets. The price is $2/person.

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