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“With more than 15 years of permacultural community development, Permacultura Caimito is a light guide for those who try to build a sustainable future in Ecuador”

Javier Carrera, Ecuador (Seed Guardians Network)


“Apprenticing in Caimito was the most transformational experience in my life. I tapped into nature’s teachings and learned so much about permaculture. I highly suggest volunteering here and getting to know the locals!”              

– Bryan Arturo, USA


“It was a great time for me learning a lot about the tropical climate and how to apply theory to reality doing practices in “Mingas”, working groups, with the locals there. I was learning everyday new things about plants, agriculture and Ecuadorian culture directly from farmers and children who spend their whole life conservating their land in nearly the best way existing.”              

– Jan Chris Pollert, Germany


“In Caimito, you will find a huge and sincere smile in the face of an entire community, a whole group of volunteers from different parts of the world with their respective knowledge and experience, a sea of knowledge in the practice of agro-ecology and a great opportunity to reconnect with your spiritual part in the tropical rainforest.”              

David Proaño, Ecuador


“For me this was a once in a lifetime experience: I greatly enjoyed the program and living in Caimito and learned a lot of new things – not only about permaculture, but also about live. I can strongly recommend the program to each who is interested in the application of permaculture in tropical regions and simple living.”              

Martin Bauerfeind, Germany


Working with the local people from Caimito is one of the most rewarding experiences within the permaculture program.”

– Milton Manobanda, Ecuador

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