If you are interested in participating, please fill out this contact form. We will send you a document with all the information.

What is Permaculture?

Permaculture is a design system that incorporates sustainable and economically viable human development with minimal damage to the natural environment. These conservation based development is meant to be capable of meeting humans needs without exploiting resources or polluting. The basis of this system is the observation of natural ecosystems, together with the ancient wisdom of primitive peoples and scientific knowledge.

Permaculture is based on three ethical principles: Earth care, people care and equal distribution of resources. These principles form the foundation for permaculture design and are also found in most traditional societies.

What is the price of the course in Tropical Permaculture & Volunteer Program?

You can check the price on the following link: http://www.permaculturacaimito.org/precio-del-programa/?lang=en

 How do you reach Caimito?

Every day there are buses that go from Quito to Esmeraldas. You can take one of these buses from the bus station in southern Quito (Quitumbe) or from the North (Carcelén). The trip takes about 6 hours. There is also the option to travel by plane for a reasonable price ($50 approximately). From Esmeraldas, there is direct transport to Caimito in “ranchera” (2 h), a typical transport of the province of Esmeraldas that provides an unforgettable experience with beautiful landscapes along the way. If you wish, we can coordinate to make the Esmeraldas-Caimito portion of the journey by taxi for $40.

Where will I stay?

The Caimito volunteer house is a beautiful, cozy and comfortable place. It is built with typical materials (bamboo and wood). It has running water, electricity and is equipped with composting toilets. The rooms are private.

What kind of food will be served?

Participants in the program will eat at the homes of the families in the community, one week in each house. The food offered is typical of the region; the cuisine of the province of Esmeraldas is known for being one of the best in the country. Fish and seafood, fruits and rice are the prevailing types of food available. If you are a vegetarian or vegan, have a special diet or are allergic to any food, please, inform us in your application.

Is there health service?

The public health system of Ecuador works pretty well. Just 2 km away from Caimito there is a medical center that offers primary care. There are quality hospitals in the city of Esmeraldas. One of the requirements to participate in this program is to have a current health insurance valid for Ecuador.

Is there any tropical disease risk?

Malaria was eradicated many years ago in the area but if you plan to travel around the country it is advisable to bring some antimalarial medication (such as Malarone). Other diseases, such as dengue, are nearly unheard of in Caimito, although it is good to take precautions such as using insect repellent and wearing white long sleeves whenever possible. The rooms are equipped with mosquito nets.

Is there phone or Internet?

There is a telephone that can be used to receive calls or to use in case of an emergency, and there are some points that receive cell phone signal. The nearest town to use the Internet is Tonchigüe, 45 mins from Caimito. There are 4 “rancheras” a day that go to this city.

What should I wear?

We will send you a PDF document when you fill the contact form that explains in detail what to bring and many other recommendations.

What can I do during free time?

In general, the afternoons will be for free time. During that time you can do different activities such as helping the local association from Caimito in the project of community-based tourism, teaching English or some other skill that you may have to kids and women, going to the beach to relax, hiking through the forest, learning how to cook traditional dishes, receiving Spanish classes, etc.

Weekends are free so you can go to use the Internet or get to know other places and beaches in the area. Just 10 km away there is the town of Estero de Platano, where you can surf and eat seafood dishes. Approx. 1 h away there is the famous beach of Same. You can also visit Mompiche, a touristic place but that still retains its charm which is perfect for learning to surf and to meet people from different parts of the world.

Is there somewhere close for shopping?

There is a 20mins walk to get to a shop where you can buy basic supplies, some food and drinks.

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