The Regenerative Agriculture Project is the largest project being executed at the moment in Caimito. The concept “regenerative agriculture” refers to an extreme form of agroecology. It consists of designing spaces in which healthy food production is combined with the regeneration of ecosystems that have been degraded for conventional agriculture, cattle production or lumber. The main objective of this project is to design agroforestry systems with the intention of becoming the most ecologically sustainable producer of cacao in the world. Therefore, our production of cacao will operate from the ethical principles of permaculture and promote the conservation of biodiversity. This project is managed by Grupo Allpa-Red de Guardianes de Semillas (Seeds Guardians Network from Ecuador) and also with the support of local non-profit CEFODI. The coordinator of this unique project is permaculture designer and biologist George Fletcher. Participants in the program will be learning and working in this project.

The local organization Asociación Caimito Sustentable manages a project of community-based tourism which aims to generate income for the families in the community through sustainable, responsible and ecological tourism. Volunteers will be able to support this process in the evenings once they have completed the theoretical or practical classes for the day.


From June to September humpback whales come to the beaches of the area during their annual pilgrimage to reproduce travelling from Antarctica to Panama.


During these months there is a project of marine research done by scientists from one of the most prestigious universities in the country, Universidad San Francisco de Quito. The participants of this program will have the opportunity to go with these scientists on their trips to observe the whales.

Some of the institutions and non-profits involved in the different projects are:








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